Brazilian Entrepreneur & Leader Patrick Lucchese Shares His Secrets For Success 

Entrepreneurship never comes easy, and it certainly didn’t for Patrick Lucchese. But through years of hard work, dedication, and education, Lucchese has carved out his own path, one that’s very different from his cardiac surgeon father’s path but truly no less successful. Lucchese started out small and worked his way up, serving in small, supporting roles until he made his move to start his own advisory firm.

As a student, business owner, investment advisor, and real estate guru, Patrick Lucchese has a varied and robust background that gives an insightful edge to his advice. Online interview platform ideamensch has an interview out with Patrick, where he discusses some of the keys to his personal and professional success, saying “I grew my business by 100% customer focus and 100% customer advocacy. When you work focusing on the client to achieve their goals, you will grow along with them and they will refer you to other clients.”

Lucchese emphasizes the importance of staying connected to the market, suggesting that people who want to grow their businesses “maintain an active ‘network’ with relevant people in different segments to always stay up to date with all trends and news.” This allows entrepreneurs to make changes to their business models and product or service offerings to match industry trends and customer demands. It also helps tip you off to issues your competitors are facing and what you might be able to do to avoid the same.

Patrick also emphasizes the need for quality education, particularly in the context of entrepreneurship, telling The Principal Post that “education is the key to alleviating poverty throughout the world.” Beyond just getting the basics down, would-be entrepreneurs should take the initiative to continue learning and growing throughout their lives, even outside of academic settings. Lucchese encourages everyone to put time and effort into consuming content, saying, “Knowledge is people’s greatest fuel and investing in reading … is the best investment you can make.”

Currently, Patrick continues to help entrepreneurs and business owners like himself create revenue streams designed to support their companies and families with dynamic and creative solutions, whether it’s an IPO, merger, acquisition, or other important transaction.

About Patrick Lucchese

Patrick Lucchese is currently the Founder and Director of Urban Advisors, one of the top Initial Public Offering (IPO) advisory firms in Brazil. Since 2005, Lucchese has been working in the business and financial sectors in leadership roles like Regional Director and National Director of various investment and realty groups. He graduated from The George Washington University with two degrees, a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering.

Urban Advisors works to help other entrepreneurs prepare their businesses for IPO, create fundraising opportunities, and structure mergers and acquisitions. He has also worked in the fields of real estate and banking, which helped give him a solid foundation for entrepreneurial success. Patrick currently lives in Brazil with his wife, Marina Sirotsky, and their two young children.