The Easiest Way to Find Oilfield Construction Jobs

There are several ways to find oilfield construction jobs. You can use job-listing websites to search for the latest openings. However, you must understand that not all oilfield construction companies hire at the same time, and some may only have a few openings at any one time.

Nonetheless, if you are able to wait for a while and do your research, you can find a job at an oilfield construction company.

oilfield construction job board

If you’re looking for jobs in the oilfield, there are many great places to find them. You can search by location or industry, and you can also find jobs by company.

The North Slope, for example, has openings for construction workers. You can also search by fields, such as directional drilling, slope, or engineering. Some oilfields may require workers with specific skills, and some positions will require specialized knowledge or training.

Craigslist Alaska

You can search for jobs on Craigslist Alaska, which is a great source of job information. You can also walk into a company’s office and apply for open positions. While big oilfield companies may not hire from their office, smaller ones do.

Ask around and find recommendations from friends and family. They will be able to point you in the right direction. They may also be able to help you secure an interview with a company.

Using the state-sponsored job board, online portals can be helpful when searching for oilfield construction jobs in Alaska. The job board will display the jobs of the companies that are hiring in Alaska. You can use the search function to find positions based on specific economic regions, such as the North Slope or the Interior. Then, you can narrow down the results using the employer’s name or location.


There are many ways to find oilfield construction jobs. You can visit job listing websites and look for current postings. Although not all companies hire at once, you should check with other companies that are hiring. The oilfield industry is a small community that is incredibly close. You may be able to find a job at your friends’ company without even leaving their website.

There are some companies that do not require diplomas or experience. Oilfield jobs are mostly manual labor jobs and often don’t require any special skills. Some trade schools offer programs that can help students find jobs after graduation.

You can apply for these positions even if you have no previous experience. Many oil and gas jobs are entry-level and require no previous experience. You can also apply for positions that require experience.


For experienced engineering professionals looking for a job in oil and gas, Fluor is a good option. The company is a leading engineering and construction company that works on projects across six continents. You will get the opportunity to work on large-scale engineering projects that require the implementation of best engineering practices.

Fluor often hires for project-based positions that last for a year. Fluor employees answered 24 questions about working at the company and received 84 interview requests in the last five years.

During the 1980s, Fluor was expanding rapidly. It had offices in the Middle East and Australia and expanded to become a major global player. Its business declined significantly during the Great Depression but rebounded during World War II.

During the war, Fluor produced synthetic rubber and was responsible for a large part of the production of high-octane gasoline in the US. In the following years, Fluor also expanded its business beyond oil and gas and created a Gas-Gasoline division in Houston.