Blood Dyscrasia Causes And Treatment Of Blood Dyscrasia

Blood dyscrasia is simply a disease or disorder that affects the blood. The word dyscrasias came from a Greek root that means sour mixture, and before modern medicine, it indicated an imbalance of blood, bile, lymph and phlegm.

Blood dyscrasia might be very rare, but it is life-threatening because blood dyscrasias may affect the plasma or cellular of the blood. This disease is harmful to the body, and even it can cause death.

Causes Of Blood Dyscrasia

In medical science, also causes of blood dyscrasia are unknown. There are no such reasons why we face such a problem with blood. Risk factors and causes are overlapped on blood dyscrasias, but there are some points we can go for and understand that might cause blood dyscrasia.

Drug inducted

Drug reactions are a common problem for blood dyscrasias, and this can have with any drug prescription and illicit drug, even with vitamins and supplements. The reaction can be seen because of many reasons.


Blood cells are helping us to fight against any infections, and white blood cells do that for the body, but when the blood is badly infected, it can help the body improve.

Vitamin deficiency

Vitamin and nutrients are essential for making blood cells, and deficiency on this may cause you Blood dyscrasias because it helps make vitamins like vitamin B12 folate.

Environmental Exposures

The Environment is always a factor that can affect our body. environment exposure may result in blood dyscrasias


Genes can carry blood dyscrasias. Geneticity can bring forward many diseases, and one of them and this blood dyscrasias also added to this.


Some cancer diseases cause you to lose control of the growth of white blood cell products. And this increase in the body cell can cause a problem of different types of cells. And thus affect many other cells available in the body.


Blood dyscrasias is a disorder in the blood, so this won’t have a treatment for this. Treatment will depend on the type of blood disorder if blood cells are deficient. Or have a problem with blood clotting that can be treated directly.

And if pallets are low, that need to observe immediately and transfer of plates is also in need if the country is deficient. One can go with the medicine that helps produce a white blood cell with a deficient white blood cell. With


Blood dyscrasias is a disorder on blood which affect our tissue and blood cells, and this disorder can be dangerous also because we can go with a disease that affects blood cell, but we can survive if you know of this before and be aware find it causes such as drugs and infection and many more that are available and can go for treatment that are available in the science and can dill with blood dyscrasia